Linux / Unix desktop fun: gti get jeep/car when you mistype git

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One of the most common mistakes developers and ops people make is typing gti instead of git command. I set an alias i.e. alias gti=git, but then you may miss out on the jeep/car on your screen.


Install gti software to get jeep/car

gti is nothing but humorous typo-based git runner. It drives a car over the terminal. Type the following apt command/apt-get command on a Debian / Ubuntu Linux after enabling gti via add-apt-repository
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mamantoha/gti
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gti

Fedora Linux user type the following dnf command:
sudo dnf install gti
Execute the following brew command on a macOS Unix desktop:
brew install gti
Run the following pkg_add command command on a OpenBSD:
doas pkg_add -v gti
FreeBSD user type the following pkg command:
sudo pkg_add -v gti
Arch Linux user try the pacman command:
sudo pacman -S gti-git

A note about source code installation

Type the following commands, but install C compilers if not installed on your Linux system:

Next, Grab source code using the git command
$ git clone
$ cd gti
$ make
$ sudo make install

Compile and install gti on Linux
Compile and install a silly git launcher, basically. Inspired by sl.


I just mistypes git command as gti:
$ gti command
$ gti clone

gti get jeep or car on linux or unix screen when you mistype git
As you might have guessed by now, gti is intended to catch accidental typos of ‘gti’ instead of ‘git’. It displays an animation of a car driving by and then launches git. Any parameters or arguments given to gti will be passed through to the actual git binary. The car image is derived from the look of an old VW Golf GTI.

Linux/Unix environment variables supported by gti

Set GIT so that gti command respects the $GIT environment variable. If GIT is set, its value will be used to launch git after the animation finishes, instead of searching for git in your PATH:
export GIT=/opt/bin/git
gti clone foo

Want to control the speed of the gti command animation? Set GTI_SPEED (the default is 1000):
GTI_SPEED=2000 gti push ..
GTI_SPEED=2000 gti pull ..
GTI_SPEED=4000 gti clone ..


And there you have it, gti a silly git launcher, basically inspired by sl command that displays train. However, gti displays animations (jeep or car in the shell) aimed to correct users who accidentally enter gti instead of git for fun and profit. If you enjoyed this desktop fun app, you might also like to use the following apps on Linux:

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