Next Generation of FPS by Riot Games

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Riot Games is a name that needs no introduction in the world of competitive eSports. They are an American video game developer and esports tournament organizer based in West Los Angeles, California.

Their most popular franchise is the famous League of Legends, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA. Which had taken the eSport world by storm since its release in October 2009 and subsequently became the game with the highest active player count by 2013 of a whopping 80 million monthly player? Making League of Legends one of the most successful and popular eSport title and Riot Games a big name in Industry.

Recently Riot Games announced that it’s working on an online First Person Shooter code-named ‘Project A’. What we know is that it’s gonna be a class-based shooter. And its gonna be completely out of the League of Legends universe. So its gonna be the first time when Riot Games is developing something out of the League of Legends universe.

From the released gameplay video, the game seems to be a mix in between CS:GO and Overwatch with very simplistic graphics. The simplistic graphics might be due to the early stage of the development which will get stylized later.

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Some clips of the gameplay are here.

As you can see there are multiple characters with specific powers of their own. Also, the ‘Large B’ on the wall indicates some sort of objective-based gameplay.

The gameplay seems very similar to the legendry fps title CS:GO only difference being the ADS or Aim Down the Sight, one of the most demanded feature in CS:GO

The Riot Games is focusing specifically on the various factors which haunt all the other current-generation FPS titles. Some factors which are specifically mentioned were

  • Peekers Advantage
  • Dedicated Anti-Cheat

Making it truly the next generation of First Person Shooter.

Big Names

The game also has some well-known names working on it. One of those names is SalGarozzo aka the Volcano. He is well-known ex. CS:GO professional and a level designer. His most popular work is de_Cache. A CS:GO map which recently received a faceup. de_Cache was a joint venture between Volcano and fmpOne.

According to Volcano, he has been working on this project for a few years now.

Epic Games official website says that next time we will here about the project in 2020. But with a lot of pro’s testing the game we sure will keep on getting teasers.

It sure will be interesting to see how this project turns out to be.


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