Threadripper 3990X can run Crysis without a GPU: Pinnacle of CPU power

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Answer for the ages old question, “But can it run Crysis?” is here and it is


Since its release, AMD’s Threadripper 3990X has been breaking world records for CPU performance and impressing us even before its release. What it has achieved right now is something which was considered next to impossible till now. The Threadripper 3990x can run Crysis just on its own.

As many of you Gaming aficionados might know that Crysis is considered to be one of the most demanding games to grace the computer screen ever. It can give modern high-end systems to run for their money. But it was since the 64 cores 128 threads 4.3 GHz Boost speed and 288 MB cache, beast grace us with its presence.


Without going anywhere near a dedicated or even integrated GPU, YouTuber Linus Tech Tips (my favorite YouTuber*) has demonstrated that the Threadripper 3990X can run Crysis entirely in software. Why you’d want to is anyone’s guess and it’s not like it runs with a particularly playable frame rate but it’s possible, and it serves to illustrate the sheer power of AMD’s new high-end desktop chip.

According to TechRadar

CPUs and GPUs are designed in very different ways, with graphics cards built specifically to have the muscle to handle the millions of simultaneous calculations (using lots of relatively weaker cores) needed to run a game – and CPUs very much aren’t (with far fewer, more powerful cores).

But the sheer performance grunt and not inconsiderable amount of cores on tap with the 3990X means the processor can make a decent fist of running Crysis, via software mode in completely unoptimized fashion.

Linus observes that the game is certainly more playable than ‘last time’, referring to when he ran Crysis on a beefy Epyc chip (one of AMD’s server processors).

As we mentioned at the outset, AMD’s Threadripper 3990X has already set a load of fresh world records, six of them in fact, with its 64-cores being overclocked to a staggering 5.5GHz (which would help a little with that smoothness in Crysis too, no doubt).

Now it might not be entirely practical to buy this CPU to run Crysis or with the sole purpose of playing games. Because using a 64 core chip for playing games isn’t very feasible, not to forget the hefty price tag of $3,990 or INR 2,86,087+.

What the Threadripper 3990x can be used for, is Workstations or maybe as the Server chips in place of the AMD’s EPYC or the Intel’s XENON which can cost tens of thousand dollars or lacks of Indian rupees.

It will be very interesting to see how Intel replies to this beast.


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