What is Raspberry Pi ?

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The raspberry pi is a magical, state of art device used by hackers, artists, programmers, creators, scientists, and students for various purposes such as computation, control, and whatnot. It is a small packet, big surprise device. Also referred to as the hacker’s toy. The Raspberry Pi is a single-board, low-cost, high-performance computer first developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Not only has it helped bring the joy of electronics and computer programming to people around the world, but it has also become a staple of the maker community.

Raspberry Pi is a single board computer consisting of

raspberry pi architecture
Raspberry Pi’s architecture
  1. ARM CPU/GPU — This is a Broadcom System on a Chip (SoC) that’s made up of an ARM central processing unit (CPU) and a Videocore graphics processing unit (GPU). The CPU handles all the computations that make a computer work and the GPU handles graphics output.
  2. GPIO — These are exposed general-purpose input/output connection points that will allow the real hardware hobbyists the opportunity to tinker.
  3. RCA — An RCA jack allows connection of analog TVs and other similar output devices.
  4. Audio out — This is a standard 3.55-millimeter jack for connection of audio output devices such as headphones or speakers. There is no audio in.
  5. LEDs — Light-emitting diodes, for all of your indicator light needs.
  6. USB — This is a common connection port for peripheral devices of all types (including your mouse and keyboard). Model A has one, and Model B has two. You can use a USB hub to expand the number of ports or plug your mouse into your keyboard if it has its own USB port.
  7. HDMI — This connector allows you to hook up a high-definition television or other compatible device using an HDMI cable.
  8. Power — This is a 5v Micro USB power connector into which you can plug your compatible power supply.
  9. SD cardslot — This is a full-sized SD card slot. An SD card with an operating system (OS) installed is required for booting the device. They are available for purchase from the manufacturers, but you can also download an OS and save it to the card yourself if you have a Linux machine and the wherewithal.
  10. Ethernet — This connector allows for wired network access and is only available on the Model B.

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Raspberry Pi is a developer favorite and can be used for tons of projects ranging from hacking to smart clothing.

It gives the user the capability of a computer system in a size way smaller than the actual system. It can be used in many ways and for various purposes.

Some of the ways in which the Raspberry Pi can be used are

  • Standalone System.
  • As a Remote Host Control for a much powerful system.
  • As a trigger.
  • Multiple Raspberry Pi can be used as a Cluster Computer.
  • As a sensor controller.

and much more, the possibilities are infinite only bounded by one’s imagination.

Some of the purpose for which Raspberry Pi can be used are

When it comes to it’s purpose there are a tons and tons of places where is and can be used. Some of them are

  • Hacking.
  • As a PC.
  • Research purposes due to the low cost.
  • IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Automation.
  • Smart Clothing, etc, etc, etc.

The first Raspberry Pi was unveiled in 2012 the Pi1 model B. After the first release every year a much better version is released.

ProductSoCSpeedRAMUSB PortsEthernetWirelessBluetooth
Pi Model A+BCM2835700MHz512MB1NoNoNo
Pi Model B+BCM2835700MHz512MB4100Base-TNoNo
Pi 2 Model BBCM2836/7900MHz1GB4100Base-TNoNo
Pi 3 Model BBCM2837A0/B01200MHz1GB4100Base-T802.11n4.1
Pi 3 Model A+BCM2837B01400MHz512MB1No802.11ac/n4.2
Pi 3 Model B+BCM2837B01400MHz1GB41000Base-T802.11ac/n4.2
Pi 4 Model BBCM27111500MHz1GB2xUSB2, 2xUSB31000Base-T802.11ac/n5.0
Pi 4 Model BBCM27111500MHz2GB2xUSB2, 2xUSB31000Base-T802.11ac/n5.0
Pi 4 Model BBCM27111500MHz4GB2xUSB2, 2xUSB31000Base-T802.11ac/n5.0
Pi ZeroBCM28351000MHz512MB1NoNoNo
Pi Zero WBCM28351000MHz512MB1No802.11n4.1
Pi Zero WHBCM28351000MHz512MB1No802.11n4.1

Since its first release manifold products have been created to accompany, modify, and enhance the Pi’s capabilities. From touchscreens and displays to HATs, Bonnets, cameras, and plates, the possibilities are endless when it comes to project ideas.

A tons of add on can be used with Raspberry Pi


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