Google’s latest breakthrough, attains the ‘Quantum Supremacy’

In a recently leaked paper, the tech giant revealed to had built a quantum computer that solved a problem that would take traditional supercomputers 10,000 years. In the paper, Google says that it has achieved quantum supremacy, a major milestone towards the development of quantum computers.

Vulnerability in Sudo, even the Restricted users can run commands as Root

A recently discovered vulnerability in the Sudo allows unprivileged users to run a command as root by specifying the user ID -1 or 4294967295. Sudo is one of the most powerful and commonly used utilities in all the Linux-based and UNIX Operating Systems. A vulnerability in that core utility has left everyone in utter confusion and frenzy.

Facebook Confirms: More than 400 million users phone numbers leaked

Hundreds of millions of Facebook users’ phone numbers were exposed in an open online database, the company confirmed Wednesday, in the latest example of Facebook’s past privacy lapses coming back to haunt its users. A researcher has found several databases stored on an unprotected server that held personal information – mostly phone numbers – of hundreds of millions of Facebook users. While the company argues the data is over a year old, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a big privacy breach. The person who collected that information and their motivations behind it are nebulous. According to the … Read more

ISRO’s Chandrayaan-II: A Billion prayers for a miracle


At 1:37 am of the Friday morning a billion eyes and mind were on India’s Lunar Landar Mission The Chandrayaan 2 as its lander “Vikram” starts its descent. It initially started with the retro firing of engines to decelerate as the lander was traveling at over 6,000 kmph. Four engines were turned on to achieve the same. Everything went as per planned trajectory. ISRO even managed to pass the crucial phase of rough braking when the lander changes its tilt angle too. But during the last phase and a few kilometers away from making the history, there was a slight … Read more

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